OpenStad: De Stem Van…

The participation platform ‘De Stem Van’ was originally developed to give the citizens of the Stadsdeel West borough of Amsterdam the ability to put items on the political agenda.

De Stem Van West

Citizens can poll and upload ideas for the neighborhood. After this they can campaign for their plan. Once per month, at a pre-set date, the votes are counted and the plan with the most votes is selected. This plan is automatically put on the agenda of the borough council.

The homepage of De Stem Van features stories with photos and videos of citizens that have presented plans to city council and interviews with local politicans to inspire input and inform about the possible outcomes.

De Stem Van has since development been implemented in several other boroughs in Amsterdam.

For more information on De Stem Van, check out the GitHub repository: Amsterdam/openstad-monolith

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Interface for the Open Data APIs of Amsterdam Data and Information


OAuth 2.0 authorization service written in Go


Descriptive statistics about the population and real estate of Amsterdam


Tooling to make working with the api's a breeze.

OpenStad: De Stem Van…

Enabling cities to share ideas and put them on the local political agenda

datapunt-api tooling

django-rest-framework utilities and styling.

Internet of things registry

Internet of Things related projects. registration and storing sensor data

Open Panorama

End to end solution for processing, normalisation, anonymisation and serving 360° street view panoramas


JavaScript library for 360° street views of Amsterdam, Almere and Amstelveen.

PDOK BAG Geocoder QGIS Plugin

QGIS plugin to get the location of adresses and objects in the Netherlands