An OAuth 2.0 compatible authorization service written in Go.

This service:

For more information on how to use, check out the GitHub repository: Amsterdam/authz or the Documentation on GoDoc.

OAuth Gopher

Admin backend

Alongside the Authz service we created an Admin backend (GitHub repository: Amsterdam/authz_admin) to map OAuth 2.0 scopes to profiles that map to roles provided by your Identity Provider.

The Gopher OAuth illustration is based on the Go Gopher by Takuya Ueda (CC-BY) and the OAuth logo by Chris Messina (CC-BY-SA).

All Projects


Interface for the Open Data APIs of Amsterdam City Data


OAuth 2.0 authorization service written in Go


Descriptive statistics about the population and real estate of Amsterdam

OpenStad: De Stem Van…

Enabling cities to share ideas and put them on the local political agenda

Open Panorama

End to end solution for processing, normalisation, anonymisation and serving 360° street view panoramas


JavaScript library for 360° street views of Amsterdam, Almere and Amstelveen.

PDOK BAG Geocoder QGIS Plugin

QGIS plugin to get the location of adresses and objects in the Netherlands