An OAuth 2.0 compatible authorization service written in Go.

This service:

For more information on how to use, check out the GitHub repository: Amsterdam/authz or the Documentation on GoDoc.

OAuth Gopher

Admin backend

Alongside the Authz service we created an Admin backend (GitHub repository: Amsterdam/authz_admin) to map OAuth 2.0 scopes to profiles that map to roles provided by your Identity Provider.

The Gopher OAuth illustration is based on the Go Gopher by Takuya Ueda (CC-BY) and the OAuth logo by Chris Messina (CC-BY-SA).

All Projects


Interface for the Open Data APIs of Amsterdam City Data


OAuth 2.0 authorization service written in Go

De Stem Van

Enabling cities to share ideas and put them on the local political agenda

Open Panorama

End to end solution for processing, normalisation, anonymisation and serving 360° street view panoramas


JavaScript library for 360° street views of Amsterdam, Almere and Amstelveen.

PDOK BAG Geocoder QGIS Plugin

QGIS plugin to get the location of adresses and objects in the Netherlands