All documentation, scripts and syntaxes, and datamodels (refered to as code) used for generating descriptive statistics about the population and real estate of Amsterdam.

User friendly documentation can be found on our documentation website.

The project is built modular and split in various components which are split across various (github) repositories:


This project in only available in Dutch

Our generalized database model is the core of our statistical products. We transform various governmental data streams to this model making it robust for changes and making it easy to do selections for statistical purposes.

In order to reuse our code the database must be filled with own data according to our datatransformation guideliness. This often means writing new datatransformation, reusing or adopting ours. Once the database has been filled, our queries can be used to generate statistics, similar to ours.

We try to follow Dutch governmental standards wherever possible and sufficient. Sometimes we are forced to use custom extractions making some of our code specific for the City of Amsterdam.


At the moment we only publicly publish code that we consider production ready. Our development is kept internal, until we have marked a new release.

New releases

New code is released whenever new statistics are published. For example in our ‘Jaarboek’ or ‘Kerncijfers’ books, or periodically such as each new year. These code releases are however limited to the codebase we have developed around our statistical database. Statistics we publish based on our old codebase will not be publically available, until we have replaced it with a new codebase based built around our statistical database.

New releases will be made available in single commits changes. All commit history with the accompanied discussions are kept private.

All Projects


Interface for the Open Data APIs of Amsterdam Data and Information


OAuth 2.0 authorization service written in Go


Descriptive statistics about the population and real estate of Amsterdam


Tooling to make working with the api's a breeze.

OpenStad: De Stem Van…

Enabling cities to share ideas and put them on the local political agenda

datapunt-api tooling

django-rest-framework utilities and styling.

Internet of things registry

Internet of Things related projects. registration and storing sensor data

Open Panorama

End to end solution for processing, normalisation, anonymisation and serving 360° street view panoramas


JavaScript library for 360° street views of Amsterdam, Almere and Amstelveen.

PDOK BAG Geocoder QGIS Plugin

QGIS plugin to get the location of adresses and objects in the Netherlands